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Spot goods! Rocket1 Package
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Reviews (108)
  • Ro****ra
    The transparency of this resin for 3D printing is absolutely stunning! When using this resin for printing, the results are incredibly transparent, vivid, almost like solidified crystal. I've used other resins before, but the transparency of this one is truly unparalleled. The surface of the printed objects is smooth, without any blurriness or impurities, and the precision is exceptionally high. Moreover, the printing speed is quite rapid, saving a significant amount of time. Overall, for projects that demand transparency, this transparent resin is undeniably an excellent choice! Highly recommended!
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  • Ma****an
    The design is novel, the printing speed is fast, easy to operate, and highly practical. It has no flaws, making it a very satisfying shopping experience.
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  • Ji****io
    I am very satisfied with their professional expertise and enthusiastic service. The models printed by the printer have fine surfaces and high precision.
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  • Da****ge
    The printer performs well, easy to operate. I have been using it for a while, and it runs steadily with high printing precision. The results are good, and it prints quickly, producing a smooth and vivid surface. The resin they provide doesn't have a strong odor, making it a cost-effective choice.
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  • Je****ca
    This UV-curing 3D printer is quite good, and operating the machine is quite convenient. It meets requirements in terms of precision and speed. Overall, it's excellent, and the printing results are fantastic – exactly the feeling I was looking for.
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  • M****a
    The enclosure has good sealing, and it operates quietly when placed in the office—comparable noise level to a fan. The operation is quite simple, and there is post-sales technical support to follow up. The printing precision is good, and the time-saving results are very satisfactory.
  • Ju****et
    The machine is quite good and meets my needs. Reviewing the software and documentation was not difficult. The operation is quite straightforward. I am very satisfied with the printing results; the precision is excellent, and there is no deformation in the printed models. The stability is also very good.
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  • Su****ki
    My Christmas present finally arrived, this is my first printed model and I am very happy with it! Next I'm going to use it to print Christmas items.
  • Wi****ay
    It's quite silent, easy to operate, and after comparing several options, the cost-effectiveness and workmanship of JIANCHUANG are worthwhile. The test prints turned out very well, and I printed them entirely based on the default parameters. The precision is satisfactory.
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  • An****en
    I've been following this printer for a long time, and overall, I'm very satisfied. It's easy to use, and the precision is good. It's great that you don't need to adjust parameters once you have it in hand.
  • De****an
    This 3D printer is the perfect choice for printing action figures. I've tried various models, and each one exhibits amazing details and exquisite craftsmanship. Whether it's tiny components or subtle expressions, they are accurately reproduced, making my action figures come to life.
  • Am****ey
    The printed products are still very impressive. The success rate of material printing is high, with no failures encountered. The stability is excellent. Overall, it's quite good.
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  • Ni****le
    For my projects, precision is crucial. This light-curing 3D printer demonstrates outstanding stability and accuracy whether printing small parts or complex structures. The printing quality far exceeds what I experienced with my previous printer, making it a great value for the money!
  • Te****le
    Purchasing this light-curing 3D printer was one of the wisest decisions I've made. Its precision and printing quality are simply at an art level. I can confidently print anything I design, knowing it will render every detail with high accuracy. Fantastic!
  • Ge****te
    Printing with transparent resin has never been this precise! This light-curing 3D printer delivers exceptional accuracy and detail, especially when working with transparent materials. The final prints are crystal clear, and I couldn't be happier with the results. A fantastic choice for anyone seeking top-notch transparency in their 3D prints!
  • si****es
    I'm blown away by the exceptional results of Rocket1 when it comes to coloring action figures. The vibrant and detailed prints capture every nuance, making the figures truly stunning. It's a game-changer for anyone passionate about creating beautifully colored collectibles.
  • Ni****le
    The experience of using this UV-curing 3D printer to print action figures is truly stunning! The delicate printing precision brings out vivid details, making each action figure lively as if they have their own stories. I'm highly impressed with this printer; it opens up limitless possibilities for my action figure creations.
  • Pe****ow
    Printing and coloring action figures with this UV-curing 3D printer is an absolute joy! The level of detail and the vivid colors achieved are simply breathtaking. The printer's precision and capability to reproduce intricate designs make it an ideal choice for bringing my collectibles to life in the most vibrant way possible.
  • Yv****ds
    This was my first time using this printer, and I was attracted by its design principle - sinking type. Exactly as advertised, easy to use.
  • Ja****tz
    The precision of this light-curing 3D printer is truly impressive. I tried printing some tiny structures, and the results were incredibly clear and fine, surpassing my expectations. The detail is handled exceptionally well, and the quality of each layer is astounding!