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DSP engine - Kirin

DSP engine - Kirin

US$ 649.00
KIRIN - 4K DSP Engine KIRIN PRO - 4K DSP Engine KIRIN MAX - 4K DSP Engine kirin upgrade kit for 5 inch - 7 inch printers kirin upgrade kit for 7.5 inch - 9.5 inch printers kirin upgrade kit for 10 inch - 11 inch printers kirin upgrade kit for 11 inch - 13 inch printers

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DSP engine - Kirin
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  • !!If you need to purchase, please contact our customer service so that you can purchase the most suitable optical machine model and kit for you!

    Hey! It’s HITRY again. We are back after the huge success of our Rocket 1 printer. Thanks to your amazing support, we were able to turn our first crowdfunding project into reality. But we didn’t stop there and through the continuous R&D of 3D printing equipment, we are so excited to be back with Kirin: DSP 4K Light Engine. It is specially designed for resin 3D printer users who want to upgrade or customize their current printers. If you want to unlock a 4K DLP printing experience, then Kirin is a perfect choice!

    The HITRY Kirin DSP 4K Light Engine is designed to upgrade your existing resin 3D printer with technology that enables the benefits of LCD, DLP & SLA printing.With its self-developed DSP (Digital Surface Projection) technology, Kirin can level up to greater accuracy, higher printing speed, larger build volume, and a wider range of compatible resins than your original printer.

    Kirin's 4K HD optical lens can form a large projection of 271*169mm MAX. Toys, jewelry, figures, architecture… Create anything you like with Kirin!

    Kirin has a compact size and can be accommodated by most 3D printer models on the market after minor and easy modifications. With a 4K UHD optical lens, Kirin can adjust projection, distance and build volume as you choose. It can also generate a pixel size of up to 36 um for greater flexibility and more highly accurate 3D printing projects.

    One of the best things about Kirin is that it has adjustable projection focus, which means you can optimize projection distance and printing size with ease! Open up more possibilities and creativity with Kirin.

    The maximum printing speed of 120mm/h is possible, thanks to Kirin’s advanced features such as 4K UHD optical lens, 110w/m² Max power density, you create 3D printing projects 3 to 5 times more quickly than common LCD-based printers! Save time and upgrade the quality of your 3D work.

    With Kirin, your DSP 4K modified machine's printing speed will be up to 4 times faster than typical machines.  Kirin instantly boosts productivity and output for any project!

    • Power Density Demo Video:

     Kirin light source has a lifespan of up to 18,000 hours, so you can level up your 3D printing for years to come.

    You can also achieve Volumetric Additive Manufacturing (VAM) - a photopolymer-based 3D printing process that produces complex 3D structures in just one step. Save time and effort with Kirin!

    Kirin features a UV LED 405nm light source compatible with all 395-405nm photosensitive resins. Unleash your creativity with Kirin!

    Kirin is easily installed and leveled and is compatible with all plug-and-play mainstream control systems on the market. After initial setup, it doesn’t require any other adjustments for a super user-friendly experience!

    *Kindly Note: 

    Kirin DSP Light Engine requires hands-on experience to complete the upgrade process. Different printer sizes require different upgrade packages. We will provide upgrade packages for our backers. There are 4 kits for different printer sizes: 5-7", 7.5-9.5", 10-11", and 11-13". After the project ends, we will send out a survey and collect upgrade fees through Pledegbox. You will need to modify Kirin by yourself if don't purchase the upgrade kit. Below are the price references for the upgrade kits: 

    Kirin with Upgrade Kit

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