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Spot goods! Rocket1 Package
US$ 1498.00
Reviews (74)
  • W****r
    This 3D stereolithography printer is really amazing! It can print very complex and detailed structures, and at the same time complete the printing task in a very short time. I especially like its printing software, which is very intuitive and easy to use, You don’t even need any 3D printing experience. Overall, this is a very cost-effective 3D printer, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to do manufacturing and design work!
  • O****n
    The printing noise of the printer is very low, which will not cause disturbance to the surrounding environment and people.
  • A****r
    This 3D printer is very easy to use. Setup and calibration take only a few minutes, and the operator interface is easy to understand.
  • G****n
    The printer has a very compact design with a small footprint, making it ideal for use in a home studio or office.
  • El****on
    The operation of the printer is so simple that even people without any 3D printing experience can easily operate it.
  • T****s
    The support and service of the printer is very considerate, able to provide users with all-round help and support.
  • X****r
    The printing quality of this 3D printer is very good, and it can print very complex and detailed models while maintaining extremely high printing accuracy and stability. The printing speed is also very fast, and the production of large models can be completed in a short time. Plus, it supports a variety of different printing materials to suit a variety of manufacturing needs.
  • S****n
    The printing effect of this printer is very real and realistic
  • F****n
    The printer's software is very stable, easy to use, and can provide highly customized printing parameters to achieve the best printing effect.
  • A****s
    The Rocket 1 is a powerful, easy-to-use, high-precision, fast-printing 3D printer, perfect for making designs and prototypes of all kinds and complexity.
  • M****n
    I'm a toy lover and love to assemble. The crossbow printed with rocket 1 and casting resin has good accuracy and can be used by the assembly department.
  • D****l
    The scalability of the printer is very high, supporting the use of a variety of materials and accessories to meet different manufacturing needs.
  • P****l
    The printer prints brilliantly and is able to meet a wide variety of manufacturing needs.
  • C****n
    The print quality of this printer is very good, capable of printing extremely fine details and complex structures.
  • Ca****ds
    I don't think I've ever been this excited for a package to arrive! My new printer is set to be delivered tomorrow, and I'm already buzzing with anticipation. I've been researching and planning for weeks, and I can't wait to finally start creating my own 3D prints. It's like a dream come true! This printer has already sparked so much creativity and excitement in me, and I know it's going to be a game-changer for my hobby. I'm practically bouncing off the walls with anticipation!
  • H****n
    The price of this printer is very affordable, and it is a very cost-effective 3D printer.
  • M****s
    The printer has a long service life and can provide long-term printing services.
  • Sa****on
    Not bad, very good 3D printer, it can print normally after adjusting the parameters twice, very suitable for a novice like me
  • C****n
    This 3D printer can print very quickly while maintaining a high level of accuracy and detail.
  • Be****an
    I can hardly contain my excitement for the arrival of my new printer! I've been eagerly anticipating its arrival for days, and I can't wait to start using it. The thought of all the amazing things I'll be able to create with this printer is truly exhilarating. From printing my own designs to bringing my favorite characters to life, the possibilities are endless. I'm already planning out all the different things I want to print and I can't wait to see them come to life. This printer has already exceeded my expectations, and I haven't even received it yet. I'm counting down the minutes until I can unbox it and start printing!